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I love animals, tea, hugs, piercings&tats, getting high, sweet stuff, music, oversized tees/jumpers, my wonderful boyfriend + things that smell nice.

The boyf♥♥

My psychedelic blog!:3

You. That’s all I ever wanted.

Notes - 2 January, 2012

I forgot to upload this but when I had my house party in November, this is all the alcohol that everyone had consumed that night…<33333And then there’s just a random empty jar of nutella because apparently people get hungry for it when they’re drunk and take it from my cupboard…(nutella makes this photo ‘hipster’ okay) :’)

Yesterday was sooo last year..

53 notes - 1 January, 2012


Dis iz mah sidebar image bitcheeees<3333

13 notes - 25 December, 2011

They all leave, in the end..

Notes - 25 December, 2011

I&#8217;m so funneh.:&#8217;)

Thinking of becoming a tattooist when I’m older..?

Then I can have whatever colour hair I want; as many piercings as I want; and, more importantly, fuck loads of tattoos:3

That’d be awesome^^

How much d’ya reckon they get paid because I don’t want to be one if I get shit pay.. ><

126 notes - 13 December, 2011

Dis iz ma icon(:

I’m giving up, on everything because you messed me up. Don’t know how much you screwed it up. You never listened.That’s just too bad…

Because I’m moving on. I won’t forget you were the one that was wrong. I know I need to step up and be strong. Don’t patronize me, Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…

58 notes - 6 December, 2011

Add me on xbox:3

Gamertag-  Nearly 18 Goats

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