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I love animals, tea, hugs, piercings&tats, getting high, sweet stuff, music, oversized tees/jumpers, my wonderful boyfriend + things that smell nice.

The boyf♥♥

My psychedelic blog!:3

I forgot to upload this but when I had my house party in November, this is all the alcohol that everyone had consumed that night…<33333And then there’s just a random empty jar of nutella because apparently people get hungry for it when they’re drunk and take it from my cupboard…(nutella makes this photo ‘hipster’ okay) :’)

Going out partying nooooow,

See you next year guys<33333

1 note - 31 December, 2011

It was my birthday and house party yesterdaaay :-D

Lol it was my first ever party and it went quite well actually and everyone was telling me how great it was :3

Gavin was like “Wow, if this was only a 15th then I wonder how awesome your 16th is gonna be!”

Police showed up about 3 times because of complaints from the dickhead next door saying that someone had passed out on the front street and that someone had smashed a bottle and people were too loud and outside drinking at about 1 when my dad had just got home and he was like “arrrr, as if the police are here..” and I was like “Yeah, but that’s a sign that it was an awesome party!” and we highfived (lol, my dad’s so cool).

Then my dad payed for people’s taxis home and half the people stayed over (there were about 50 who came to the party).

My house is trashed and my dad’s and brother’s beds have sick on (hahah, mine’s fine).

And this morning I went into my room and there was a defrosted bag of chips on my desk?:L (someone said that someone burned their hand and they used it to cool it down, lol).

Also, some nobhead has stolen 6 pouches of my dad’s tobacco (about £48 worth!) so I shall be finding out who stole them and kicking their ass.. ¬_¬

But yeah, overall it was an AMAZING birthday and I got lots of cards with money in (ehoehoheoeheoh) :3

…I have a lot of cleaning to do… 

Notes - 19 November, 2011

Time to get ready for another party tonight:3

Just gonna wear the same as last night, more fake blood is needed :3

8 notes - 30 October, 2011

The costume I had for tonights party was awesome:3

My hair was backcombed and looked awesome too but It&#8217;s dropped now and looks shit:L
Tonight, I was a cat :3