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I love animals, tea, hugs, piercings&tats, getting high, sweet stuff, music, oversized tees/jumpers, my wonderful boyfriend + things that smell nice.

The boyf♥♥

My psychedelic blog!:3

This was some girls’ Facebook status And omg, I just had to xD 
Aha, look what some girl uploaded on Facebook xD

It’s sort of true because when a cat purrs it senses it’s close enough to attack you 

Best fucking mood eveeeer!

Just snuck out by climbing out of my window,
Met Mark,
Had a joint,
Then climbed back in through my window and got back in bed.

Omg, yeeees!!! 

Also, there’s loaaaads of rubbish and stuff in my backyard and it’s pitch black outside and I managed to not make much noise and without my dad knowing ^^


2 notes - 23 February, 2012

Omg, best ring ever.
Oh, iGod :L

I’m so bored that I just watched a 15 minute video on Youtube on ‘how to make a button bracelet’ and I don’t even have any of the stuff to make one and I’m not even sure that I want to or even have the patience to make one…

1 note - 8 February, 2012

I’ve been asleep all day,

And now, even though I do this all the time, I feel like I’ve wasted a day of my life and omg, I feel the need to do something productive for once..

Lol, w0t iz 4ppn!n!?

0 notes - 8 February, 2012

People are always reblogging pictures of houses made of glass like “Omg, I want to live in this house omg I would just die please somebody find me a house like this and I will live in it and be happy forever” and I’m just sat like, “Yeah, it’s a cool house, but I wouldn’t live there because then people would see me whenever I danced around my room in my underwear and stuff…”

1 note - 24 January, 2012

This is mah Jacob - http://fightwrongberight.tumblr.com/
I forgot to upload this but when I had my house party in November, this is all the alcohol that everyone had consumed that night…<33333And then there’s just a random empty jar of nutella because apparently people get hungry for it when they’re drunk and take it from my cupboard…(nutella makes this photo ‘hipster’ okay) :’)

Things I haven’t done since last year:

-Had a shower.
-Changed my underwear.
-Brushed my teeth.
-Eaten. -Left the house.
-Seen my friends.
-Been to the toilet.

5 notes - 1 January, 2012